Immortality Vishnu


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Immortality Vishnu is for guidance, stability and deeper wisdom. It is one of the remedies in the series of the wrathful and the peaceful deities, all of which have incredibly valuable lessons to teach us. Vishnu is known as a supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe and Immortality Vishnu is all about helping with the stages of consolidation and building.

Consolidation is normally when we build the actual structure after we have broken ground, ploughed the field and laid the foundations. It shows you how truly synchronized and effortless reality can be even in the midst of chaos and how everything can be accomplished with minimal effort and maximal enjoyment. This allows one to not only get the job done but to smell the roses along the way. The truth of it all is that if you are not smelling the roses, you are missing an essential part of life and things start becoming quite functional. When we look at our lives we spend a lot of time preserving the structures around us, relationships, friendships, cars, houses, family interactions. It is all about the preservation, until it disappears which leaves space for something new to arise.