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Amethyst – Powerful Protector, Meditation & Tranquiliser.

An extremely powerful and protective stone with a spiritual vibration. Amethyst guards against psychic attack transmuting that energy into love. A natural tranquiliser that blocks geopathic stress. Good for meditation, dispelling anger, fear and anxiety.

Chakra- Third Eye

Orange River Quartz – Realign, Regulates & Harmonizing.

Providing focus for energy that is grounding, protecting, and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It protects the soul and grounds the physical body during out-of-body journeying. Orange River Quartz attracts love into your life and supports loving relationships. It is helpful in dissolving negativity and protective against negative energies entering the aura. An efficient healer as it may help to realign the meridians of the body and encourage energy flow. Supporting the blood, liver and spleen. Orange River Quartz Crystal regulates blood flow, increases the strength of red corpuscles, stimulates the immune system, and the reproductive organs.

Chakra – Base & Sacral