BRANDB, Clear Qrtz Pnt & Hemati, 13g 5×1.4×1.3cm


9g, 36x16x13mm

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Brandberg Clear Quartz & Hematite – Calming, Peace & Grounding.

Brandberg Clear Quartz clusters and crystals are dynamic, unique and have exhilarating energy. Found only in this desert region in Namibia, Southern Africa. The San people named this holy place the Burning Mountain and these rare crystals carry a higher frequency like no other crystals on the planet. Promotes keeping cool under fire. Supporting you to face the most challenges of situations with a cool head. They vibrate with those seeking sincere transformation, healing and to live in harmony with Earth. Contributes to human evolution. Hematite promotes grounding & confidence.

Chakra – Crown & Root