Ametrine Spirit Cactus Quartz, 144g


Ametrine Spirit Cactus Quartz weighs 144g

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Ametrine Spirit Cactus Quartz – Highest Vibration – Healing, Balancing & Unblocks

Ametrine Spirit Quartz is found only in South Africa and it carries the vibration of universal love. It may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto and forgive both yourself and the other person. These crystals radiate an extremely high vibration and they may align and purify the entire chakra system. Ametrine is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine, connecting physical and spiritual realms. Valuable for those with chronic or long-term diseases. Ametrine removes negativity from the physical body as well as the auric field, filling the area with light. It assists in removing blockages from all bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.) Aids in mental and spiritual clarity protection. Good for overcoming fear and coping with grief.

Chakra – Crown