Sky Walker Large Dreamcatcher

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Dreamcatchers originated in the native American tribes and were devoted to the spider woman, Asibikaashi – protector of the tribes and their children. Legend has it, that as the tribes spread across the land, they wanted to keep the essence of Asibikaashi nearby so the dreamcatcher was consciously woven into existence. It was intended that the web within the willow hoop, like a spider’s web, would catch any bad thoughts or spirits lingering around – not only nightmares. What happens to the good dreams you may ask? Well, good dreams are filteres through the hole or gem in the centre and when the first morning rays of the sun touch the dreamcatcher, those trapped nightmares are then transmuted. The dreamcatcher does not only catch dreams but is also a symbol – the perfectly round hoop is a symbol of the circle of life, the sun, and the moon with the inner woven part connecting us to these cosmic bodies of the universe and therefore enhancing our innate powers to manifest our very own dreams in this life!