Grape Agate Bracelet- Medium

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Round Medium Beads
Size: Medium
The best method for cleaning grape agate is with warm soapy or salt water with a soft cloth or bristle brush. Sage smoke will clear away any energies. Avoid direct sunlight as this will fade away the colour.

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Grape Agate – Stabilizing, Dreams, Intuition
A stone of dreams, intuition & luxury. It works to promote spiritual awareness. Supports mental clarity and aids in restoring unsettled sleep patterns.
Grape Agate emanates warm protective energy that guards your mind and emotions. It allows you to connect to your spirituality and inspires you to communicate with the positive energy of the earth.
Aiding in comprehending dreams and supports the development of psychic abilities. Placing Grape Agate near your bedside can improve the clarity and control of your dreams.
Supporting individuals by calming exaggerated sentiments and navigating upheavals with balanced thinking and behaviour.  It enhances inner well-being and overall feelings of contentment.
Chakra – Crown & Third Eye

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