Silver Astrophyllite Bracelet- Small


Silver Astrophyllite Bracelet
Size: Small
Astrophyllite is a delicate stone that can be damaged by water, clear with sage smoke. To clean it, simply use a dry, soft cloth or brush and avoid any water or cleaning solutions.

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Silver Astrophyllite – Relationships, Addiction, Calming

Known as a marriage stone, cements relationships and facilitates understanding will also attract a partner with good qualities.
Promotes internal tranquillity and calmness and helps you to make peace with your past mistakes and move forward. You will feel more confident and become more aligned with the universe.
Very effective for addiction. Its light energy dispels negativity and allows you to work through past destructive habits of any kind, including drugs, food, and self-hatred. Wear it on you. Reveals your true spirit, fosters the self-love and confidence needed to overcome obstacles. Pairs well with other anti-addiction stones like Obsidian and Amethyst. 
A stone that corresponds to the hormonal and reproductive systems and is particularly helpful for women. Alleviates epilepsy and intestinal disorders.

Chakra – Crown