Great Wishes to you for 2021 all you Soul People!

Great Wishes to you for 2021 all you Soul People! Wishes that this will be a year of healing and protection and where we learn to embody LOVE.

Beginning this year & Starting with ourselves to truly begin this practice of true Self Love, Compassion and  Self Forgiveness. We constantly compare ourselves and compete with others and then fall into Self Judgement, telling ourselves that we are not good enough. We stand in lack because we tell ourselves we are NOT Worthy of good things. And then we do this to all those around us too.

The lack of compassion and love we have for ourselves is reflected in our world. Look at the lack of this Love and Compassion we have for one another, we see this in the leaders we put into govern us as well.

As Above, So Below & As Within, So Without… if you don’t love yourself you cannot love others. If you don’t have compassion and mercy and forgiveness for yourself you cannot have this for others.

Let us make 2021 the year of true SELF LOVE.  This year let’s start changing this and let us become AWARE of how we need our own LOVE, our own MERCY & Compassion, Our own Forgiveness, not comparing ourselves to others any longer… NO MORE JUDGEMENT OF OURSELVES and OTHERS.

Let us step away from Self Doubt and Self Loathing and make a list of 3 good qualities of ourselves today and every day this week.
Things  like…
I am strong,
I have energy,
I have experience,
I have support from friends and family,
I have perseverance,
I have courage,
I have youth or age on my side,
I have compassion for myself,
I forgive myself,
I am loved by myself,
I am worthy,
I am good enough.

Let us keep 3 of these things in mind when we speak to ourselves in our own heads and to others. Use these 3 things in your meditation and stand in gratitude for being the wonderful and incredible being you are.

Meditation with this list of good qualities of yourself will also be of great healing and help for you to start shifting this in yourself and to Embody this SELF LOVE.

You can start this practice today and can find a Guided Meditation session by Sanet to watch on our Soul Website.
Follow this link  The Soul Free Deep Relaxing Online Meditation with Sanet – 31 March 2020 – Soul (

Sending you all Love, Compassion & Healing for this Year of 2021
Sanet & Conrad and The Soul Team

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