Rose Quartz and Garnet are the Crystals for January 2022

Our two beautiful crystals for the month of January 2022 are the loving, healing and gentle Rose Quartz and balancing, passionate & inspirational Garnet.

If you didn’t already know – know you know – Rose Quartz is an all-round healer, and aids in alleviating one from many diseases such as heart disease, headaches, depression as well as other stress-related issues. Its also a super stone for women as they help women with relief from PMS and other female reproductive issues. This stone is an absolute must have in ones collection as it also promotes the most fundamental aspect of the Universe – LOVE.

Garnet on the other hand is great for removing energetic and emotional blockages that may be limiting your vitality. It is a highly energizing stone which is mostly used for attracting & activating passion & success – a real charm for the upcoming year 2022!

You can shop our online store for rose quartz & garnet crystals and jewellery to adorn yourself with either or of these beautiful stones!

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