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You might be wondering what the purpose of singing bowls are – well singing bowls are in fact ancient Tibetan tools which create & emit healing vibrations & healing frequencies when played by the sound healer.

If we think of everything as energy, we become aware of the fact that singing bowls create sound which in fact is energy too – So if everything is energy, how does sound energy withhold the capability to heal oneself? Well energy works on different levels and is measured in hertz. Depending on the hertz or otherwise known as the frequency of the sound we can emit certain frequencies through the sound itself  in order to create healing on an energetic level which vibrates right through every cell of the human body and as a result, creates harmony and healing of the mind, body & soul.

It is known that certain sound frequencies  kill cancer cells and others heal and repair DNA. The frequency of 432Hz creates the resonance of healing of the planet Earth… And 528Hz is a frequency of love that creates resonance of DNA and therefore, is a DNA repairing frequency... One of the most recent miraculous frequencies on the sound healing spectrum is 111Hz. This frequency is believed to be a sacred frequency, also described as a holy frequency. Supposedly, all these superior frequencies are creating some sort of a resonance in an aura and eventually lead to health improvement.

Whether you’d like to have a singing bowl as an addition to your sacred space, yogic practice, meditation practice or simply to just play when in the mood – its going to impact you positively on an energetic, physical and spiritual level as it possesses many healing properties through the incredible nature of sound!

You can shop our amazing singing bowls on our online store- we have ones available in different frequency’s, suited to each individual chakra and frequency of that chakra.

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