Soul Astrology for November

Welcome to November lovelies. We transition into November carrying the Energy of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse that occurred on October 27th with these energies still at play up until the new lunar cycle of the Scorpio New Moon on November 13th begins  Eclipses are generally powerfully transformative times so there is no doubt that you will be navigating change and transitions. Use this time to be gentle with yourself – all beautifully divine things take time!


To officially kick off November – the Scorpio sun moves directly opposite Jupiter in Taurus creating a bridge of a rather abundant amount of high frequency energy. This is the perfect time to practice gratitude for all of the abundance in your life. With full and vibrant Jupiter being the planet of expansion, now is also a suitable time to think of what you would like to expand in your life. We may even have the accompaniment of Jupiter in expanding a situation that we may be dealing with, hopefully guiding us with truth and a potential solution, if necessary.


A day later November 4th, Saturn, our planet known as the ‘master teacher’ stations direct in Pisces. Its without a doubt that we may be wrapping up a lesson of some kind or perhaps finding a sense of clarity with whatever it is that may have been going on for us. Saturn stationing direct may also mean we are about to receive our much-deserved rewards – keep your eyes peeled for that deserved treat!


Two days after Saturn stations direct, on November 6th, Venus and Pluto become trine. As a matter of fact, Venus and Pluto have been interacting in an interstellar dance throughout the year. Pluto is the planet of power and Venus is the planet of relationships, so we are to ask ourselves, how have relationships changed? Have we claimed our power within our relationships or are we still learning to do so? Use this time wisely to take a closer look at any ‘power plays’ in your relationships and see how you are being guided to grow.


November 8th, Venus, also the planet of Love and beauty enters her ruling sign, Libra. This is an immense gift of soft energy helping ease any tensions that the Eclipse may have stirred up within us. You’re likely to be thinking of all the beauty around us bringing with it the inspiration to continue beautifying our lives in either our sacred spaces, attire or even place of work.


So much is incoming for November, right?  But that’s not all – Mercury, the planet of communication enters the fiery and adventurous sign, Sagittarius on November 10th. As Mercury is the planet of communication, we may feel ourselves becoming more confident in expressing ourselves and standing strong in what we believe. With, Sagittarius is the seeker so you may feel drawn to learning something new, changing the way you’ve been thinking about something or perhaps even expanding your mind. We are always learning, and this energy reminds us of this!


We have a magickal day of number alignments – 11/11. For those of you that don’t know 11/11 is a powerful gateway code activating the divine angel number 1111. 1111 is a magickal number that has many different meanings, it could be an indication that you are on the right path, it could be a gentle hello from your guardian angels, it could also indicate manifestation and that what you want is seeking you. This is the perfect day to set your intentions on manifesting or gratitude. Enjoy this beautiful day lovelies!


November 13th, we have two transitions, the first being the New Moon in Scorpio bringing along intense energies for introspection and reflection. Fiery Mars is active under this New Moon so we may experience feelings of agitation, restlessness, or irritability. Things may feel slightly out of your control but fear not as this is just the influence of the element fire. Our energies are generally more inward focused during New Moons hence they are the perfect opportunity to check in with ourselves.


The second transition for November 13th is the Sun’s alignment with Uranus, the planet of awakening and surprise! With the energetic connection between the Sun & Uranus, you can expect to have innovative ideas bringing an inspirational energy that can be useful in finding solutions and opening doors that may have once been closed. Uranus may bring with it an erratic energy, however Uranus always shakes things up to awaken us to new potential and possibilities.


Mars is quite active this month – it makes its annual alignment with the sun  on November 18th.  This combination is fiery, passionate & motivating. This is the perfect boost if you feel you have been needing an extra kick of energy. Surges of energy can be energizing or depleting, so be mindful and listen to your body during this time and act accordingly!


Before we know is, Sagittarius season begins as the sun moves out of watery Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius on November 22nd – this transition is going to bring a light shift in energy. We will begin moving away from the deeply reflective work into the a lighter space of play and joy. During Sagittarius season, we are asked to keep an open mind towards all that we do!


On November 23rd, the Sun squares Saturn which may bring with it the weight of our responsibilities, its best that alchemize this energy and find motivation to do what we need to do.


A day later, Mars comes to the forefront again for the final time this year, as it enters the sign of Sagittarius. As it has exited Scorpio it’s fiery energy has begun to dissipate and things begin to settle to that lightness we spoke of earlier. Around this time, we may begin to see all that we had to learn throughout the month.


To end of this astrologically busy month, we have a Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th of November. This Full Moon comes as a combination of things as there is a lot of energy surrounding it. As there is mixed energy around this Full Moon, use this time to release anything that creates confusion or uncertainty for you and instead to focus on things that make you feel certain and grounded. With all the ebbing and flowing of this accumulated energy, you may find your mind in overdrive if you are not mindful so try to keep your thoughts in check. Meditate, give thanks, practice yoga and journal.


May the Energy of this month be a guiding force in your life for beauty, change, certainty and light! Your existence is loved so deeply on so many levels – embrace it!







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