Soul Astrology for October

Welcome to October lovelies – lets dive straight into the eclipse energies and as well as the energies of the month and see how you can work your magick with them!


On October 8th, we have Venus, our planet of beauty and love leaving her shadow phase. If you recall correctly, she went retrograde in July and begin traveling through our psyche, revealing issues within our relationships with others and ourselves, where she later stationed direct on September 3rd with bigger lessons and matters of the heart being dealt with. However, since she is now leaving her shadow phase, she is onto bigger and more exciting adventures especially that related to the heart! Open your heart to blessings beautiful people and allow the love of the Universe pour through your heart, mind and soul – there is always so much love around us.


Two days after Venus’s transition on October 10th, Pluto stations direct in Capricorn after being retrograde since May. We have just come out of retrograde season where many planets have been in retrograde which typically gives us a sense of sluggishness and being ‘stuck’ – now with most planets stationing direct, we will start to notice that things will begin to move around us with a lot more ease and speed. We will find a lot more ease and grace in stepping towards things now especially in areas where we feel things may have been feeling suppressed or controlled to some degree. This energetic shift is going to bring us a sense of personal power, amplified as Pluto represents power, too. Capricorns association with this transition is quite strong as it brings a sense of responsibility around to the way in which we express ourselves. A massive highlight here is to look at how we can step into our innate power and take responsibility for the things that are of importance to us.


On the 12th of October, our fiery planet Mars enters one of its favorite signs, Scorpio bringing with it a sensual, strong and determined energy. This is a very powerful and passionate combination. It’s the perfect energy to channel should we need any creative energy for our passions or projects. It is also perfect for unlocking that inner Warrior within as it is highly spiritual and ignites that deep fire within! As with the essence of fire, being raging, hot and precise – it is also the perfect time to become proactive about things and make those red hot changes that are in fact extremely transformative. Picture the phoenix rising up from flames in this instance, that’s the potential energy that lies here during this fiery duo. As with the transformational aspect here, we are able to explore what lives beneath the surface and heal any wounded traumas which lay deep within us provided that we will now have the energy and confidence to dive a little deeper. Mars in Scorpio will give you the strength you need and the wisdom to see the magick in where you’ve been, where you currently are and where you’re going.


It’s like almost every 2 days of this month, there’s something astrological happening! Two days after Mars enters Scorpio, on October 14th we have a key astrological event taking place – the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra! This New Moon Eclipse is part of an Eclipse Cycle that began back in April, when we had the New Moon Eclipse in Aries. These two Eclipses will be working together in the sense that we will be expanding on concepts that were prevalent to us. This Eclipse is there to really push us out of our comfort zones into places of greater beauty. Keep this Solar Eclipse in mind as it is part of a fresh cycle and should reveal more as time passes, possibly even in the years to come. As Eclipses are rather significant and can bring with them a powerful energy, this one in fact has a sweetness and softness about it that will help counterbalance whatever hardships we may face during this beautiful time. Keep your heart open, your vibration high and welcome the gifts of the Universe always!


Aha! October 23rd, S c o r p i o   s e a s o n   b e g i n s – the Sun moves out of Libra and into the watery sign Scorpio. Under the Scorpion Sun, it is no doubt we are most likely to feel in tune with our emotions, dialing up our intuitive awareness and tapping us into our psychic abilities. This is honestly the perfect time to connect with your inner guidance and to trust him/her fully. There may be a sense of change that we are in need of – and this transition will be supporting us in actively making those changes.


And finally, the most magickal transition of the month – the ultra powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This Eclipse brings a powerful end to the Eclipse cycle that began at the end of 2021, as it brings to the surface the following contemplative and rather reflective personal questions. How have we grown and how has our life evolved? This is the graduation point where we take that final step from growth to transformation. These energies are supercharged and are bringing with them closure. If there is anything that exits your life under the Eclipse season, it is a very clear sign. Acknowledge it and allow it. Release anything that does not serve you and become free of all that is holding you back. You are most likely going to be rethinking the things you have been giving your energy to and what it is that you truly value. Now is the time where we begin to consciously create what it is that we want, moving forward. While Eclipse energies are generally challenging, they can also be incredibly empowering as they act as the bridges to higher states of being. Let’s utilize this brilliant energies to our advantage!


Blessings for the month ahead lovelies! Never forget, your very being is the magickal assimilation of divine energy! You are so worthy of your wildest dreams!

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