Soul Crystal of the Month – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, sometimes known as the ‘stone of wisdom’ is known for its healing shimmering blues & ability to reveal deep inner truths, inviting you into authenticity & showing you the magick of your own desires & wills.


The Physical healing properties of Lapis Lazuli come in quite handy as it supports those suffering with insomnia, depression as well as thyroid or throat related issues… It’s a good crystal to keep beside the bed or even close by for when you’re beginning to feel a little under the weather.


More strikingly, the transcendental blues of this gorgeous crystal without a doubt are connected to the higher realms of spirit. With its blue color association, it is connected to the third eye & throat chakra making it the perfect combo for authentically voicing that which you know to be true and authentic to yourself.


This crystal powerfully opens and unblocks the third eye chakra and flows the light of wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and insight back into your being assisting you in unraveling the many layers of yourself so that you may gain access to your true being…As for the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli opens and re-aligns it completely so that you may flow your truth confidently and with clarity amongst yourself & others.


However, although this striking blue l stone is strongly connected with the spirit realms, it also has a nurturing ability to provide emotional and mental support specifically around the issues of truth, self-expression, self-awareness & bonds.


It activates the hidden away knowledge of oneself that lead to authenticity and freedom and really invites the bearer to speak their truth without shame and judgement. It is the perfect crystal for any bonding of relationships as being able to express oneself authentically around others is vital for true and genuine relationships to be co-exist.


If we cannot be our truest selves, then who are we anyway? It could be rather beneficial to meditate with Lapis Lazuli on the question of, “Am I able to authentically be myself around others?”


Connect with the amazing Lapis Lazuli for the month of September and anchor its beautifully deep & spiritual energies.  You can take a look at some of our Lapis Lazuli crystals and adornments on


Big Blessings!

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