Soul Astrology Report for April

April Astrology Forecast


Greetings l o v e l i e s – welcome to the start of Eclipse season – April 2023. We dance off into the winds of change during this highly transformative time. Due to the energies surrounding Eclipse season its very likely that we will have New Chapters beginning for us in some way or another.


There are a few key astrological shifts that occur throughout the month, the first being on April 3rd where Mercury enters Taurus with Mercury going retrograde later in the month on the 21st. Mercury has an ability to settle the cosmic energies, bringing upon states of reflection allowing things to shift into a clearer perspective.


Appreciate the challenges and wounds that have made us who we are to do. Chiron is an asteroid known as the ‘wounded healer’ and it is activated by the sun on this day bringing light to our wounds, and how they have brought us to these exact points in our lives. Chiron leaves the message that, while some wounds may be with us forever, we are always able to create something beautiful from them.


On April 6th we have a Libra Full Moon. There is a very healing and cleansing energy connected to this full moon thanks to the previous day’s conjunction of Chiron and the Sun. You can expect to find breakthroughs on so many levels. Our relationships are also highlighted at this time, as the light of this full moon shines brightly on what it is that does not serve us or our partners, be it habits, old-patterned thinking, attitudes and behaviors. Pay attention to how this Full Moon will illuminate these things for you, and r e l e a s e them.


April 8th, Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow. This is the first retrograde of 2023 and we are reminded that Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, so whatever messages our higher self, angels, or spirit guides have for us that we have not yet looked at or ignored may quietly begin rising to the surface. Open yourself up to these messages, now is the time to shine a light on all that needs to be illuminated.


A couple days later, on April 11th – Venus enters Gemini. We know Venus to be associated with feminine aspects so you can expect that we have a more feminine flow at this time helping us to access a more intuitive side of things which is overall going to be very beneficial as we work through these energies this month.


Peaking with energy with have Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse appearing in our great cosmic skies on April 19th and 20th. This is one of the biggest astrological events of the year, bringing intense energy to our Planet Earth & also providing quite a show in the sky. Solar Eclipses signify a new beginning in our Soul’s journey & evolution. As it falls in Aries it is strongly connected to the concept of new beginnings as its energy is magnified! There is so much potency within this eclipse that it has the power to change your Life Path completely bringing beneficial change & transformation, leveling us up to higher states of consciousness. It’s likely that you will feel the power of this Eclipse a month in advance as it is extremely powerful. Buckle up lovelies as you board the transformation train.


Taurus season begins on the 20th moving us from fiery change into a sense of earthly grounded-ness. Once the sun and energies settle in Taurus, we are given a moment to pause and settle. Pausing can bring up opportunities to reflect as well as opportunities for pleasure. At its peak, Taurus Season allows us to find pleasure in the smallest of things, aligning us with gratitude, appreciation, and abundance.


April 21st, Mercury goes retrograde – the first planetary retrograde of 2023! Retrogrades sometimes cloud our thinking, however they ignite our intuition. We are reminded to take things slow during this time and to connect with our intuition rather than our logical minds as we will be guided with great clarity. You may also experience an unearthing of subconscious thinking & patterns, use this one again shine a light on that which needs healing & acknowledgement.


Lastly, to end off the Month, on April 24th we have a conjunction between the Sun and the North node. This is an important one as it is the last time the Sun will align with the North Node in Taurus for another 18 years! The North Node represents our highest destiny and the direction that we are heading. As the North Node ends off its alignment with the sun in Taurus, we have lessons that are well-worth absorbing. The North Node in Taurus guides us to focus on our relationship with aspects of materialism, abundance, and self-worth. Is it possible you have noticed some connection with these things over the last one and a half years? If so, how have you felt called to adjust your relationship with the material world? How have you felt challenged when it comes to giving and receiving abundance? How has your self-worth been challenged? Have you felt called to stand up for yourself? These are all vital questions to ponder as the Sun and the North Node unify. Stay open to the fact that this astrological shift may also trigger fated or destined meetings or situations in our lives.


May the astrological magick of this month heal you, guide you, and support you towards your highest destiny.




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