Soul Numerology report for March

Welcome to March lovelies!


We have a very powerful month ahead as we welcome a The Number 1 which signifies the start of a New Numerological cycle for the year ahead.


The Number 1 is known for creativity & courage and at most, you will only get this Number twice a year. This is the perfect month to consider what projects, initiatives or ideas you have been wanting to put into action and finally make a start on them! With this number and energy only coming into play twice a year or so, now is the perfect time to make the most of it! Take the risks and have the courage to do these things that you have been putting on hold. Now is the time. Put yourself out into the world and speak and express your truth. This Numerology is all for believing in yourself!


On a personal level, The Number one asks that you invest in yourself and that which lights you up – you deserve to be your own Number One this month, you deserve to be! On the other hand, the collective level is somewhat to be feeling rather innovated and adventurous as we all take a hold of ourselves. This month radiates a “I can do attitude” – just believe in yourself!



Affirmation to embody the Energy of the Number One:


I am One with the creative forces of the Universe,

I am able to manifest & attract all my hearts desires,

There is a limitless potential of creativity which rushes through my being,

And is manifested in my reality through my heart’s work.

There is nothing that I cannot set my mind to achieve,

All is possible, because I believe in myself,

I am One with all that is.





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