Soul Astrology report for August

Welcome to August lovelies! This month is going to be a spectacular month considering that we have two rare supermoons occurring within 29days from each other – this is unusual astrologically and will only happen again in a couple of years time!


The first Full moon of August is in the sign of Aquarius and takes place on the 1st. The energy around this Full Moon particularly asks us how we can connect with ourselves most authentically so that we may connect with others from that same authentic place.


It’s humanitarian  Aquarius energy ensures the good for all, but also reminds us that we can’t pour from an empty cup making sure that we take the time we need for ourselves. It’s powerful & magnificent moonbeams shine a bright light within our hearts & minds this month as we release the old in order to make space for the new.


On August 16th, we have a New Moon in Leo, gifting us with an energy that requires us to take care of ourselves, be self-focused & do that which we are passionate about. The energy of Leo is typically tenacious, fiery & bold. Call on this energy & embody it to access more of these aspects of yourself. By accessing these aspects of ourselves, we are bound to feel more empowered, liberated & authentic & we find the courage to tap into something a little more authentic within ourselves. May this New Moon bring you all the confidence & beautiful energy that you desire to make all of your dreams come true!


Soon after the first Full moon and a few days before the New Moon, between August 9th & 22nd The retrograde of Venus in Leo climaxes as the planet of love, Venus clashes with Uranus & Jupiter In Taurus. This specific climax leads to what we can consider “the rise of the empowered empress” which is when Feminine Energy emanating from the planet Venus paves the way for the collective energy of the Divine Feminine to take her throne under the sun bringing about big shifts for women and their divine essence in particular.


A day after the astrological climax, on the 23rd of August – we enter Virgo Season diving us deep into introspection & assisting us further in self-reinvention. It is. Time of revival within our sensuality, creativity, sexuality & spirituality. Embrace this beautiful energy…


One would think that with all of this going on, that not much more could possibly happen, however on August 27th Mars enters Libra potentially making it harder to assert ourselves…With that being said, The north node is in Aries, encouraging us to pucker up the courage to ask for what we want & need. This is the perfect time to bring awareness to the reasons behind the things that we let slide and potentially learn how to deal with these things instead.


Last but not least, we end August off with a rare Blue Moon taking place in the watery sign of Pisces. This lunar event will leave us seeking personal time to feel deeply into our beings & also pay attention to how our thoughts affect our 3rd dimensional reality.


As we know, for anything or anyone to exist in our lives they must first exist in our minds & thoughts. Let this blue moon be a time for you to ask yourself how what you see, listen to, read & think influence your perception of yourself & your reality.

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