Soul Astrology report for July

Astrology July 2022

July 2022 is a critical month in correspondence to the annual astrological events and occurrences as it brings liberation and freedom from the chains of the past. Uranus, our cosmic ambassador is expected to heighten in strength as its shocking and change-inducing energy gets activated by Mars and the Lunar North Node of destiny. Although the exact conjunction doesn’t happen until July 31, we will feel the build up of this energy throughout the duration of the month..


Collectively we will be releasing a somewhat stuck energy that has been lingering below the surface for some time – specifically relating to Governance of countries where those have failed their people through environmental chaos, outdated laws and so forth expecting people of these countries and places to rise up. This is all the energy of Uranus as Uranus is chaos, freedom, activism and imminent necessary change. It is our duty to channel this energy in the correct way in order to benefit ourselves and the planet.


As we know whenever there is collective change, there is personal change – we must also go within and release the things of the past in order to free and liberate ourselves. Seeking liberation and freedom in this part of our lives will be key when embodying this month’s vibrations and channeling Uranus’ brilliance. The days close to July 10, which is when the Cancer sun sextiles Uranus in Taurus can give us a little taste of that brilliance and the freedom we can gain as a result of that energetic embodiment.


Another energetic highlight of this month is the need to deeply focus on our own individual emotional healing by actively doing some good old shadow work! From July 1 – July 13 the sun could illuminate some of our old wounds, bringing a sea of emotions as a result. Under this climate, we have a real opportunity to rise above and change the story around these specific wounds. Simultaneously the sun will be activating retrograde Pluto in Capricorn opening the gates for some healing to take place. Regardless of our own personal wounds, getting to the heart of the matter will instigate the healing that the Cancer Sun is requesting from us now.


Rising in the skies of Capricorn on July 14, we have an incredibly powerful lunation taking place which will be activating almost every single planet in the sky. It is expected to feel a pull between emotions, family, home, our roots, our job, our responsibilities and even our ambitions. Fortunately Capricorns earthy terrain provides grounding for these pulls!


This full moon also brings a manifestation of gorgeous sacred geometry across our skylines. A Grand Water Trine formed by the sun, Mercury, and the asteroid Ceres in Cancer, Neptune and Juno in Pisces, and the Lunar South Node in Scorpio will be facilitating the flow of emotions. If we have ever wanted to clear our lives from stagnant people or situations that take an emotional toll on us, there isn’t a better time to do so as the universe instigates emotional release so profoundly during this time. In particular, we are being invited to abandon the old family-related and ancestral stories that no longer seek to nurture us and release.


Fortunately, the empty space left by whatever we left behind concerning our home or family dynamics can soon be filled up once Venus enters Cancer on July 17. With its sweet and repairing influence, we can trust Venus to return our optimism bringing back those positive vibes!


Following our magnificent lunation, we have July’s main Solar energetic shift which is when the sun enters the fixed sign of Leo bringing the beginning of Leo Season! Decisions will need to be made at this time as the cosmic messenger delivers powerful messages of endings, which will automatically generate a new beginning.

Our new moon occurs on July 28 and a new beginning takes place in Leo, the only zodiac sign ruled by the sun. While intense, this is the perfect lunation to begin anew and embrace a new sense of identity, one that feels more in line with that authentic person we are becoming!


Just a few hours after this new moon occurs, the biggest planet in the solar system goes retrograde – Jupiter. However, we will be feeling its energy during the entire week. As it switches gears, Jupiter will be magnifying the need to make big changes in our lives. As a result, Jupiter retrograde will have us reconsider the ways in which we have experienced growth since it first entered Aries back on May 10. In the case that we have overextended ourselves or our growth has been stagnant, this retrograde is here to help us course correct. The contraction Jupiter retrograde brings now is necessary for expansion to follow the proper course once Jupiter goes direct later on in the year.

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