Soul astrology report for July

July – Astrological Forecast : An entire shift within our inner compass takes place for the remaining half of 2023.


Welcome to the remaining 6 months of the year lovelies! This month we will be introduced to new energies which will change our perspectives of the future with July being a key month for 2023 for a couple of reasons. July is the midpoint between the Eclipse season that occurred in April-May and between the upcoming Eclipse in October. This midpoint which occurs 3 months after & 3 months before an Eclipse is often seen as a catalyst for change as it is during this time that our lives take new direction.


With that being said, July also finds itself with two tricky placements in the sky – Venus going retrograde at month end & Mars being in a sign with planetary dislikes. Since both of these planets are associated with the personal aspect of things, our relationships are bound to experience a significant change regarding our values & needs. Use this time to be mindful of communication when expressing that which we feel may need to change as we collectively immerse ourselves into this new current of energy.


Our first astrological event for the month begins with a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is considerably one of the most positive astrological shifts of the entire month bringing much needed manifestation and magick to our lives. Since this Full Moon is supported by the big bosses – Jupiter & Saturn, we could receive some incredibly exciting news – mostly relating to our career. This is certainly a time to expand, be bold & take risks as this energy amplifies throughout the month.


A couple days after the Full Moon, on July 10th, Mars enters Virgo where it stays until August 26th. This planet-sign combination is most suitable for tackling big projects, being productive and for having creative outlets such as writing or journaling. However, there will be some energetic opposition at this time with Retrograde Saturn in Pisces from 10th July – 27th July where karmic adjustments are highlighted & bound to be experienced. With this being said, it is notable that July may be a difficult month for some as it requires a reality check & for us to own up & take responsibility. On the contrary, with Mars being in Virgo – we have the energy to support and endure those challenges as this planet-sign combination is extremely focused & detail orientated bringing demands to the mutable signs to take action on their goals & dreams. Additionally, Pallas (the asteroid of wisdom) is believed to be traveling alongside Mars for the month of July bringing the energy & awareness of being strategic enough to conquer ones challenges & transform them into opportunities.


On July 17th, we have a gentle and intuitive New Moon taking place In the sign of Cancer. New Moons contain the perfect energy for setting New intentions for the upcoming Lunar Cycle. Feel into your heart & into your Solar Plexus of what you think & feel deeply aligns with you & your highest truths. Then simply set these desires into motion.


Also taking place on July 17th, the Lunar node of Destiny changes signs into Aries-Libra bringing a change in our collective destiny & karma. This transition is focused on learning in our own unique way on how to take the lead, stand firm on our two-feet & go after the things that we would like to achieve. Some useful questions to ask oneself in order to harness this energy would be to ask: How do I find my courage & bravery within? How do I take the lead? How do I stand my ground? How do I activate the powerful Aries within? Although these questions may be difficult to answer, we will likely find ourselves in situations where we will need to practice these exact things especially once Pluto (the 0 tolerance of nonsense planet, power & transformation) enters the nodes on July 24th.


To end of the month, Venus goes retrograde in Leo -instead of viewing the retrograde as something negative, approach this forty day period as a time to reflect on how we interact and relate to one another bearing in mind the question of: honoring our true value and worth as well as individuality in the relationships we share with others. Venus retrograde is a time to rediscover our self-worth & individuality and to reconnect with the magick in our hearts getting back into touch with the divinity of life & nature…

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