Soul Astrology report for February

Astrology Report – February


Welcome to the month of February beautiful beings! I hope that your year so far has been nothing short of wonderful and that your February ahead is fabulous.


2 & 22 February : 22 & 222 Magickal Energy Codes

This month we kick off with some magickal codes as we have the 2nd of the 2nd month 22 as well as the 22nd of the 2nd month later on, activating and amplifying the energy of the 2. In Numerology, the 22 is a master builder number and focuses on working together in order to create. The 2 is also known for partnerships and coming together to manifest and work on common goals. As you can imagine, the 2nd and 22nd are days consisting of beautiful energy focusing on building healthy relationships and thinking of ways to build our dreams together.


9th February : New Moon in Aquarius

Shortly after our magickal codes and downloads – we have an Aquarius New Moon bringing her free-thinking, change-initiating, innovative and shifting energy to the forefront. This Energy may bring a bit of what seems to be unsettled grounds, however our task is to ride the flow and take things with ease and grace. It also so happens, that a very special asteroid called Charliko, asteroid of spirit medicine is active under this New Moon which indicates a beautiful wave of healing energy. This is also further intensified when Chiron & the North Node meet in the coming days. We can expect lots of healing energy to be flowing throughout this time. Although there is a lot of energy taking place, we must be reminded to work with the cycles of the New Moon and set our intentions for the next monthly lunar cycle. In addition to this, we can ask Chiron & Charliko to bring a sort of gentleness and softening to guide us towards the right medicines & directions in order to restore balance.


9 & 10th February : Lunar New Year

In Chinese tradition, today marks the start of the New Lunar Year. In Chinese Astrology, it is also the year of the Yang Wood Dragon. The Year of the dragon is believed to be a very prosperous & fortunate one where we can rise up into our true power. For those that work with the Energy of the Dragon, you will know that they bring intelligence, perseverance & strength. Channeling this energy to get much needed work done, to be productive, & to move through challenges is very helpful. The element of Wood is connected to the season of Spring, emphasizing planting seeds and setting intentions in order to create that which we wish for. This year is also a number 8 year – and the number 8 supports and heightens our manifestation efforts.


11th February : The Chiron and North Node Conjunction

This upcoming alignment is expected to be a significant highlight. The North Node marks our collective future and direction, indicating what we should focus on to achieve the highest level of consciousness. Meanwhile, Chiron represents the wounded healer, channeling its wounds and traumas into powerful sources of wisdom, intuition, and teaching. Chiron teaches us to grow and learn from our wounds, as they can be sources of healing and power in our lives. As Chiron and the North Node converge, we are reminded of our potential for healing and empowerment. With this alignment, we may witness the end of suffering in communities and countries in need. This is a very potent time.


February 13th : Mars Joins Pluto in Aquarius

The Mars & Pluto alignment is going to be triggering a Surge of Power and Passion at the sacred and influential 0-degree point of the zodiac creating potent energy that will last for a few days lovelies! This energy can be directed towards our projects and goals, fortifying our motivation. Alternatively, it can be used to establish new self-care routines or workout regimens. Consider this energy as a spark to ignite a new area of your life. However, it can also be harsh and volatile, and may lead to tense situations. This could manifest in power struggles or conflicts with others. On a larger scale, this planetary combination may sometimes result in protests or violence.


February 16th : Venus enters Aquarius & conjunct Pluto

It so happens that Venus also has a turn to enter Aquarius and aligns her majestic self with Pluto at the 0-degree point of the zodiac. Venus represents Love, grace & beauty, and with this alignment, we’ll feel a strong flow of love energy in our higher chakras. Venus in Aquarius encourages us to embrace and accept others for who they are, rather than trying to change them into something they’re not. By accepting someone’s true authentic self, we can deepen our love for them and help them shine brighter. However, Venus and Pluto can also bring power struggles in relationships, where asserting and standing in our power is necessary. This powerful combination also indicates success in partnerships, especially in financial matters. It’s time to take control of who we want to be and how we show up in our relationships.


February 18th : Sun in Pisces

Today we welcome the start of Pisces Season – a time for Reflection and Creativity…

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces marks the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one as we journey around the sun. This season is a time for closure, endings, and completion, which can bring a strong sense of reflection and appreciation for the journey travelled. With its soft, intuitive, and creative energy, Pisces can make us feel more creative and emotional. To embrace this beautiful Piscean energy, consider spending time in creation mode, with loved ones, or by the water.


February 23rd : Mercury shifts into Pisces

On this day, Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Pisces, and as a result, our thinking process and communication may feel a bit unfocused. It’s possible you’ll find yourself feeling indecisive or struggling to express your feelings about something. Use this as an opportunity to trust your intuition and go with the flow. If you’re experiencing scattered energy, try visualizing energy moving from your head down to your heart and lower chakras, which could help you feel more grounded. Go with the flow today lovelies.


February 23rd : Venus & Mars Conjunct

The two cosmic lovers come together on this day! This is a wonderful energy for bringing the divine masculine and feminine energies into balance. Work on creating this balance in your own mind, body, and soul by setting intentions around your masculine energy and your feminine energy. Perhaps spend time meditating on what those qualities mean to you. This is also a great time for love and relationships. The energy of Mars and Venus combined helps us to bring more of a balanced approach when it comes to seeking out a partner. It is also interesting that Venus and Mars meet at 8 degrees of Aquarius. The 8th degree of Aquarius is said to bring the freedom needed to achieve our goals and highest vision.


February 24th : Full Moon in Virgo

We have a beautiful Full Moon in the sign of Virgo! This may feel like a bit of a heavy Full Moon, but that is only because Saturn is hovering near, and Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our actions and how we truly feel about something. Saturn is the Master Teacher of the zodiac, he wants us to level up and step into our highest karma, so very often he brings challenges to keep us moving and growing. We may feel these challenges rising up under the Full Moon. It will be important for us to set boundaries and to keep coming back to this idea of responsibility. The Full Moon falling in Virgo makes it soft, sensitive, and a beautiful time for getting in touch with our emotions. It is also a good time to focus on our routine and how we can create a daily schedule that supports our health.


February 28th : Sun conjunct Saturn

The yearly alignment of the Sun and Saturn has arrived, and this time, Mercury is joining in to add more excitement to the event! This alignment provides us with an opportunity to appreciate the lessons Saturn has to offer. As the “Master Teacher” and the planet of Karma, Saturn presents us with difficult lessons that we can handle. On this day, these lessons have the potential to feel like gifts, as we learn and grow stronger from mastering them. Take note of the Universe’s teachings and how far you have progressed. Remember, life is a beautiful journey of growth.


Blessings for the month ahead lovelies & remember to enjoy your extra Leap day this year – Have some fun & play!

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