Soul Numerology report for February

Numerology Report – February


Welcome to the second month of the New Year lovelies! Coincidentally, this month is a Number 2 month in the Numerological cycle. With the magnificent 2, we can expect an intensified wave of energy on planet Earth that will push people’s boundaries to the limit, making us stronger & more efficient however we will find moments where we will need to choose our challenges & battles wisely.


The number 2 of February represents the themes of duality, the tiny details, relationships, the Negative Mind, emotional support, and spiritual alliance. This is not a “going it alone” time on the planet, it’s a time where we are being encouraged to connect with like-minded people for support, emotionally & spiritually. This will allow for a dialogue to take place that will help you to decompress and process the unfolding events occurring on a global level. Since we are each individuals of the collective, this is a significant time as it supports us in stepping into alignment with our collective goals – Where would we like to be collectively? As of now, we’re sort of in a rock n’ roll time on the planet, and we need to adjust our personal rhythm so we’re not thrown off balance. The number 2 also calls us to become very clear on our boundaries, whether they are physical, emotional, or financial.


Given all of the above, the Number 2 energy asks that we take the time to pay attention to the small things in life. The details that we often overlook can hold the key to our success and happiness. As relationships are also highlighted during this time, and we may find ourselves drawn to forming deeper connections with those around us. However, we should also be aware of the Negative Mind, which can create doubts and insecurities in our relationships and in our own personal growth. By seeking emotional support and forming spiritual alliances, we can combat these negative thoughts and move forward with confidence. As we navigate through these slightly turbulent times, it’s important to remember that we are not alone. By working together and supporting each other, we can overcome any challenges that come our way and achieve our collective goals.


Overall for this very special month, let’s embrace the energy of the Number 2, set clear boundaries, and focus on the small details that can make a big difference in our lives & share the magick with those around us! Blessings  for February lovelies.


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