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Amethyst, this deeply mystical violet crystal with all its purply hues and glimmers and shimmers not only proves to be a beautiful addition to your collection but also carries such a unique vibration. It is deeply connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras where it has an ability to infuse our energetic systems with immensely spiritual energies from that of the heavens and the cosmos! It stimulates our intuition and gifts us guidance from higher spiritual planes of existence.


This stone is especially beneficial for beginners that are diving into the realm of magick and crystals as it stimulates the pineal gland and activates the third eye which calls upon some form of introspective awakenings within us making it considerably useful in the process of personal transformation. With the high vibrational energies from above permeating through this stone and out into the spaces around it, it is undeniably good at transmuting and warding off any lower vibrational energies.


It connects us to ourselves emotionally and acts as a balancing, calming stone which invokes courage and positive decision making with the assistance of divine guidance! As it is also associated with the higher chakras of the body, you should also know that it is good for any physical problems that may occur within those areas, such as with migraines, insomnia, and any immune problems – Amethyst has got you sorted!


The deep cosmic rays of purple radiance which this beautiful crystal emanates are also exceptionally potent in connecting the user with the realm of dreams, making it also very useful for enhancing astral travel abilities, drawing on and increasing psychic energies and abilities.


Here is an affirmation which will connect you with the qualities of the Amethyst and the energies it carries “ My Third eye is open and I am connected with my Higher Self. I release all negativity and invite energies of the highest vibration into my being and space. I am on the path to rediscover my spiritual gifts and divine magick.”



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