Soul crystal of the month – Aquamarine

Filled with Piscean, mystical, flowing energy, our crystal for this Month is Aquamarine.


Aquamarine which translates to ~ Sea water immediately informs us that this Semi-precious Crystal has the innate power to heal, cleanse, flow & even store information within its structure. The Ocean as we know it is one of the most abundant resources on the Planet and it has a deep connection to our emotions as we are influenced by the ways of water within our bodies especially during the Lunar Cycle. Aquamarine supports these energetic changes as it balances the waters of the body and supports us during the tides of change.


Let’s talk Energy – The Aqua-Divine filled crystalline structure of Aquamarine contains an energy quite like no other. It supports us with our true authentic expression within the World and encourages us to flow creativity and authenticity from the core of our being. When we can flow these qualities from a space of love, the world around us starts to change and our creative energy is met with complimentary energies taking creation to a new point of Divine expression.


Aquamarine being on the spectrum of blue hues, it is associated with the Throat Chakra (Blue Energy)– our energy center of communication, connection, and expression. Aquamarine can clear & activate this sacred energy center by stimulating energy from the heart to the throat, allowing one’s deepest and heartfelt truth to be communicated. As you can imagine, the encouragement and enhancement of heartfelt communication brings about personal liberation, as well as authentic and deep connection with self & others. Expression in its deepest truest forms can bring about transformational shifts on so many levels.


But wait, there’s more – Much like the calming, cleansing, and flowing blue waters of the Ocean, Aquamarine radiates a frequency which is calming, clearing and flowing – assisting us with calming our minds, clearing our thoughts and flowing our pure and raw creative energy out into the World around us.


If you are looking to channel, authentic, mystical, dreamy, creative, expressive, calming yet flowing currents of energy into your being and your reality, Aquamarine can meet you on all of those levels.


March Energy Affirmation :


I call upon the Energies of the Element ; Water

To calm & cleanse me,

To fill my being with an abundant flow of life & creativity,

To support me in my divine authentic expression,

And to pour these energies from my hearts purest center,

Out into the Universe around me.




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