Soul Astrology report for March

Wishing you all a very Magickal March!


This month we have the most significant cosmic events taking place as Saturn moves into Pisces & Pluto moves into Aquarius as well as the start of the March equinox.


It is expected that we are going to be undergoing rather intense energetic shifts during these planetary motions, however these shifts are considerably positive as they are going to be shifting us into higher states of being, along the path of our unique Soul Evolution. As we elevate to new and higher levels, doors may open & doors may close, however as a collective race and entity & being one with the cosmos, we are asked to trust the cosmos & their divine transitions which are going to bring about Divine Intervention on so many levels.


As with most shifts and transformations, it is likely to feel slightly out of sorts but if you connect with the Piscean energy & element of water, you are sure to remain calm and flow with whatever may come your way, physically, mentally & spiritually. The key this month, is to remember to F L O W…


To kick off the month, we have a Virgo Full Moon on the 7th of March giving us a dose of whatever medicinal elixir is needed to go forth in our means. The Energy of this Full Moon is healing & asks us to take time to care for ourselves. The more TLC we give ourselves during this time, the more connected and attuned to the frequency of this Full Moon, we will be. As with most Full Moons, you may find the need to cleanse and clear your sacred spaces, now is certainly the time to do so as you make way for the new energy as this lunar cycle comes to a peak and slowly descends to start all over again…


Shortly after the Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn moves into Pisces – oh this is a biggy! Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma and certainly as it transitions into Pisces, It’s expected to be stirring up some Karmic Lessons along the way. We can expect to experience themes around our spirituality, artistic expression, relationship with boundaries, and mental health. Fear not though, as Karma teaches us the lessons we need in order to improve, grow and heal.

Accept your Karma wholeheartedly & allow for necessary changes to take place.


On March the 10th, Jupiter aligns with Chiron in Aries creating a portal of Energy. Of course anything associated with Aries carries the undertones of FIRE! Fire is a potent element, yet vital as it burns away that which does not serve us. In other words, we are going to endure a burn of painful truths In order for that which does not serve us to melt away. Honor this process as it brings a rebirth of sorts. You can even connect with the element of Fire during this time to enhance the energies at this transformational time.


A day later, on March 11th – we have Eris, a dwarf planet otherwise known as the sister of Mars which brings an additional bold and fiery flame to the planetary mix. Eris is courageous and aims to unlock the Full power of the Divine feminine. She is fearless, protective and radical – unleashing change and potential revolutions. With the bold and feminine Energy of Eris combining with Venus, we have an elixir for Divine Feminine, Beauty and just pure Goddess Energy on the rise! Tap into this energy and embody it ~ The Divine Feminine is an exceptionally powerful force to be working with.


On March 15th, we have a triple conjunction where the Sun, Neptune & Mercury align in Pisces. This brings a super dose of Piscean energy making it fantastic for spiritual exploration and for tapping into creativity. As we know, Pisces can also tend to be a rather dreamy and ungrounded sign, so be mindful of decision-making as you may experience some fog when it comes to which course of action to take. However, there is a power to be found in going with the watery, mystical flow and by allowing your imagination to grow. Use this time to exercise your imagination as you tap into your mystical and physic abilities.


On March 17th, Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Its vital for us to know that whenever Pluto is involved, we are asked to look at our subconscious mind as see where we are giving our power away and then find solutions as to where we can improve! You may notice subconscious things coming up during this time. Listen, and reflect.


March 20th is the Equinox which is when we honor balance and harmony. Take time to connect with the energy of balance and harmony by practicing yoga, Qi Gong, meditation or even slackline!


As you can see, the month is pretty loaded with astrological shifts, I told you! A day later on March 21st.  we have The New Moon in Aries bringing new beginnings and manifestation to the energetic station… Utilize this highly magnetic energy during this time to call upon that which you desire. This is also one of two Aries New Moons. The next New Moon in April will be a Solar Eclipse in Aries, so pay attention to the themes brewing around this time as you may get more insights as the Eclipse peaks.


On March 23rd we have Pluto in Aquarius & this is in fact one of the biggest cosmic events of the year! This signifies a transition into a brand new cycle that we will be working with for the next two decades! There are themes here of energetic shifts to our community, our independence, and all things relating to technology. Lets see what unfolds…


And lastly, To end he month off on March 30th, we have Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus and this my lovelies, brings a super collaboration for the theme of radical love. We are asked to look at ways of taking this energy and giving ourselves the radical love that we deserve! Connect with your hearts center, nourish your body, mind and soul, take care of yourself and your hearts desires. And lastly, remember to keep an open mind, love can be found in the smallest and oddest of places ~ you simply just need to be open to receiving it and in return emanating it.


Sending beams of love & light,


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