Soul Crystal of the month: Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire –  A stone of love, wealth, wisdom and wonder


Taking its name from the Greek word Sappheiros and the Latin Sapphirus – both translating to Blue Stone, the Sapphire is adored for its rich and mysterious deep blue hues. This gorgeous stone sparkles with the promise of love, wealth, wisdom, and wonder. Like a bright star set against the midnight sky, the Sapphire gemstone has long been connected to nobility, majesty, and serves as a symbol for the heavens above.


This beautiful stone is also linked to the throat chakra making it the perfect stone for self-expression. Since it is connected to the upper chakras it aids in helping you become more aware of your responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. Something we could all use a little of! In feng shui, dark blue is connected to knowledge and self-cultivation, so why not utilize this gorgeous stone in the cultivation of knowledge and love, and wonder?

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