Soul October Crystal of the Month

Opal – a stone of amplification, light and play. There are so many different shades of Opal out there and you will find the kind that links to each and every chakra. Infused with light and dashed with color, Opals respond well to many different chakras and thanks to all that high vibrational energy, they are also great at kicking out any and pretty much every blockage in the body. It’s a glorious mineral for bringing spiritual light to the aura and making sure that even when infused in a heavenly glow, that you stay protected and shielded on your journey through any spiritual path you decide to embark on!

Since Opal is a stone of light, it is also connected to higher communication and the spirit realm. For those looking for angelic connections, to converse with the spirit realm, or wanting to strengthen any psychic gifts they have – Opal can assist in all of this and more.

It’s vibrations connect beautifully with water and as we too are made up of high water content, it also means that we can use our water energy in sync with the stone. Whether wanting a surge of energy, a soft lapping flow, a cleansing plunge, or to be pulled in the right direction by the light of the moon – Opal invites you to stay cool, clear, and in communion with water.

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