Soul Crystal of the month – Labradorite

Labradorite is known as the stone of mysticism, creativity and consciousness and has legendary connection with the Aurora Borealis which is believed to be contained within the Labradorite crystal itself! Magickal right? The healing power which emanates from this crystal is all intertwined with the concept of tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with higher consciousness making it the perfect addition to your sacred circle of dreams.


Boasting a fusion of blues, greens, fiery golds, and smoky schemes on the surface of this healing crystal, we are reminded that the greatest healing stones are often connected with all the elements – the ground beneath your feet, the flowing ocean, all-permeating sky, and the  cosmic constellations above. There is no better healing than when we connect with source and the elements of our beautiful Mother Earth.


In comparison, just as the Northern Lights illuminate the winter skies of the hard north, Labradorite doesn’t shy away from beauty, grace, mysticism, and great healing powers. It’s a stone that shows the way to self-soothing, artistic ambition and cosmic energy.

Although it is considered a stone-filled to the brim with mystical energy, it’s also a great stone for physical healing. From blood circulation to breathing and the power behind your lungs, this stone is all about encouraging complete health and well-being, inviting you to take a deep breath comfortably as you surrender to the ebb and flow of the universe.


Not surprisingly, Labradorite is also a stone of transformation and courage as it eases the monkey-mind, allowing you to tune into that sacred space within yourself enabling you to draw upon the qualities that you may be needing.  Courage comes into play as this crystal connects out throat and third eye chakra, giving us the power and courage we need to step into our authentic selves fearlessly and confidently.


May you be blessed with the sacred shimmers of the incredible stone on your journey towards creativity and consciousness!

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