Soul Numerology Report for February

This month we are guided by the last numerological number in the Numerology cycle, the Number 9. The 9 brings a very important element to life and brings valuable lessons around the theme of letting go.


The transformative Number 9 is a bringer of closure and its purpose is to free you, your time, your energy and your life-force energy so that you can focus on your true divine purpose in this life. Can you hear F R E E D O M calling in the distance? It is closer than you think.


The energy of the 9 will likely emerge in areas of your life where you have been getting distracted, where you’ve been avoiding yourself and the things that you came here to do! It’s possible that it may be work related. If there’s a string of loose ends that you need to tie up, then utilize this time to bring things to a state of completion. Do the work to free yourself up. No one likes an incomplete checklist.


Since this month also focuses on creating space and freeing yourself up, avoid any commitments if possible and remember that whatever changes occur this month or whatever exits your life this month was not in service of that – so release it lovelies.


R E L E A S E .

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