Soul Crystal of the month: Ruby

Ruby, a precious stone associated with royalty and wealth also commonly identified with the root chakra due to its reddish hues can also be used quite effectively to energetically stimulate the chakra of the heart. It is a beautiful crystal not only used to heal and repair any leakages in the chakra system, but also to unblock any energetic blockages that are causing stagnation of your chi/life force.

It balances the users overall energy and well-being by allowing energies to flow about more openly and freely within the bodies energetic systems. Not only does it impact our energetic systems but it also strengthens the physical and emotional heart bringing love, loyalty, courage and confidence. It’s also a perfect gem for those who are of a sensitive nature as it helps sustain, protect, and balance sensitivities.

Ruby wants us to feel love in every way possible which means it will do all that it can to stir us up with a dash of confidence. Ruby is also a stone of good fortune and this means fortune of the body, mind, and soul. It’s also a blood stone which means it can encourage everything from circulation to menstrual pain making it especially good for women

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