Soul Crystal of the month: Red Calcite

Our beautiful crystal for the month of July is Red Calcite!

Red calcite is known to be associated with confidence, grounding and vitality! It is also said to be extremely useful for clearing out old energy patterns as well as beneficial for promoting self-motivation and drive!

It is a highly grounding and protective, and it will safeguard your energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries. It will also alleviate your confusion, and restlessness.

It is especially good for helping you prevent yourself from overextending yourself, especially for people who are manipulative, and people who just don’t deserve your energies making it a super relevant and useful crystal for this month’s energy and theme!

Of course due to the red color and hues of red calcite, we know that is associated with the lower chakras making it very beneficial for women as it aids in promoting hormonal balance and supports the female reproductive system making it a perfect suit for expecting Goddesses!

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