Soul Crystal of the month: Tigers Eye

Our other gorgeous crystal for the month is – Tigers Eye!

Tigers eye is admired for its gorgeous golden brown hues. It is also nicknamed the ‘shapeshifter’ of stones as it invites the wearer to truly tap into their inner strength and personal willpower while calling upon the protective energies of the Universe. Beyond the powers of protection, this incredible stone comes with an array of healing properties too.

It was once considered so precious that is was even worth more than gold! This stone is connected to both the root and sacral chakra which helps to balance both the emotional and physical bodies. It invites the wearer to tap into their immense strength which sometimes lays undiscovered within ourselves, and transforms us on a potent energetic level.

Tigers Eye is also known to balance the endocrine system bringing higher levels of energy and awakening motivation within the individual. No matter whether you wear Tigers Eye, keep it stashed in your pocket or handbag or even simply have it on your alter at home – this golden beauty has quite the ubiquitous energy!

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