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Healing Colloidal Silver

Many people are discovering, during this time, that the only thing they really have some control over is their health. So with that in mind, we would like to remind you of Mother Nature’s antibiotic – Colloidal Silver!

If you have never heard of Colloidal Silver yet, it is basically silver particles suspended in distilled water. That’s it, nothing more, yet it is so powerful in that the silver particles are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungus, and anti-parasitic and silver is the most tolerated metal in the body so it is non-toxic. It can be consumed orally as a daily immune booster, or acutely during times of illness. It can be sprayed into the mouth, throat, ears, eyes as well as used topically for cuts and wounds.

As it is such a broad spectrum anti-biotic, it can be used to help with colds, flu, bronchitis, sore throats, sinusitis, toothache, earache, pink eye, etc. Anything caused by a bad pathogen.

Research on Colloidal Silver has been ongoing for over 100 years and laboratory tests have shown over 650 different disease-causing pathogens were killed, mostly within 6 minutes of contact with Colloidal Silver.

The Colloidal Silver we stock at Soul is by Longevity and this is the dosage recommendation for immune-boosting: one teaspoon held in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, repeat 3 x daily for 2 weeks, repeated every fortnight.

R140 for 500ml bottle
R170 for 750ml bottle
Also available as a mouth/throat spray or a nasal spray: R92 each


Immune Boosting Herbals

Now more than ever, especially during this time of uncertainty, it is so important to turn to trusty Mother Nature yet again for taking care of our needs. Along with eating healthily, we should also be including specific plants, mushrooms, and herbs to help us.

We have put together this list, along with our supplier Aether Herbalist and Apothecary, of the top immune-boosting herbs and mushrooms to help you to stay healthy.

REISHI – Adaptogen, Immune-Booster, Anti-Anxiety
CHAGA – Gut Health, Immunity
ANTIBIOTIC TINCTURE – Anti-Viral (contains Umckaloabo, Sweet Annie, Elderberry, Olive Leaf & Pepperbark)
ASTRAGALUS – Immune Booster

Prices range from R100 to R220 per 30ml tincture bottle/jar of powder with 30 servings.

For more information on these and other amazing mushrooms and herbs, go to

Some of the other most popular mushrooms and herbs in the range, for various other health benefits, are:

CORDYCEPS – Dramatically Increases Energy, Improves sexual function
LION’S MANE – Brain Health: Improves Focus, prevents cognitive disease
TURKEY TAIL – All round surface remedy for emerging colds/flu/illness
WOOD EAR – Heart Health: lowers cholesterol, reduces blood clotting, regulates blood pressure

ASHWAGANDHA – Adaptogen, Increased Energy & Strength
GOTU KOLA – Brain Health & Circulation
GOKSHURA – Men’s Health (Prostate Health, Libido, Strength, Sexual Function)
SHATAVARI – Women’s Health ( Hormonal Balance, Reproductive Health, Libido)
PINE POLLEN – Increases Strength and Energy, Detoxifies, Antioxidant, Boosts Testosterone

For more information or to place an order please contact


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