Soul November Crystals of the Month


We have three gorgeous crystals for the month of October, our first being an encased gem of the sun’s vibrant golden rays, Citrine! Just like standing in the golden glow of the sunlight, Citrine works wonders when it comes to warming the physical body and uplifting the moods.

If Vitamin D were a stone, Citrine sure would be it! This stone is quite incredible as it gives a nourishing energy to the body which supports the nervous system and even the thyroid making it a great stone for people who are suffering from overdrive, or even chronic fatigue as it just brings in that golden energy of the sun and uplifts your being to another level.

It is also especially beneficial as it assists the mental and emotional aspects of being as it releases tension and anger and boosts self-esteem and confidence. This stone of pure golden sunshine would bring high vibrations and warm sensations to our hearts and spaces making it the perfect addition to any space where you may feel you need that extra bit of warmth and sunshine.

The metaphysical properties of Citrine are rather amazing too as Citrine is deeply connected with the sacral and solar plexus chakra – the chakras where we harness our warrior strength and relate to grounded practices. If you are looking to align yourself into a more stable, grounded, creative yet strong and embodied version of yourself, Citrine is your perfect golden glowing tool, there’s no doubt!



Our next gorgeous crystal for this month is Ametrine, a beautiful golden yellow and deep purple colored stone which is a magickal result of citrine and amethyst coming into contact and combining elements. Ametrine is symbolic of harmony and inner strength and is widely used for its potent ability to enhance the wearer’s energy. With the balance of Amethyst and Citrine within this gorgeous stone, both properties work together to promote harmony and restore imbalances that may leave you feeling drained in body, mind, and spirit. Many believe this stone is particularly beneficial to individuals feeling stressed or emotional. It provides support where needed and helps you on your journey to a more successful life.

Focusing on the yellow colour of the stone, it’s believed to help you unleash your creativity and intuition. So, if you’re looking to restore balance and focus, look for an ametrine with more purple. If you’re looking to harness your creativity, look for an ametrine with more yellow.

Ametrine has many ways of being used, one of them is to get rid of unnecessary things in your life. A tiny ritual to ignite the flame which burns away all unnecessary things in your life is as follows : simply hold the stone, say the name of the thing you no longer want in your life, wash the stone, and then hold it in the sun and say what you feel will help you lead a more fulfilling life.


This stone is also used to promote healing, relieve stress, and help you stay energized. This is because the stone draws power from the moon and sun, helping you stay energetic and enthusiastic for longer. The gemstone also offers a powerful connection to the spirit world and can help one find direction and purpose in their life.


Combining Amethyst and Citrine together, they form a powerful force for transforming your life as the amethyst is great for relieving tension while the citrine promotes positivity and attracts money.



And lastly for this month’s list of resonant Crystal energies, we have beautiful Topaz – promoting the expression of ideas and instilling trust in the Universe. We could all use a bit of this right? The energy of topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation and is a catalyst trigger for manifestation activities.

Have you been looking to manifest your dreams? The energy of this stone works wonders and guides you in your manifestation process. It brings in the energy of true abundance which attracts and magnetizes towards manifesting all your hearts desires.

Topaz is also known as the stone of true love and success in all ones endeavours so use it of course for that extra bit of love and success in all of your ventures whether it be business or personal. It can be used to promote individuality and creativity, while providing confidence in trusting your decisions and the actions that you take.

Happy Crystal hunting this month, we hope you can connect with the crystal and energy you may need to balance and harmonize yourself this month, especially with it being Eclipse season!



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