Soul Numerology Report for May

Welcome to May lovelies – Our Numerological number for the month brings fun, creativity, expression, authenticity & childlike wonder with the wonderful Number 3!

(5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3). The Number 3 is actually recognized as a child’s number and is associated with the energies of fun, play & childlike wonder! Three things we all certainly need from time to time!


According to the three, May is going to be a rather busy month as it brings a lot of play, expression, creativity, and social interaction! These few things combined do sound like an awful lot of fun! With this energy on a role for the month of May, its highly recommended that you grab life by the horns and make time for the things that you enjoy and for the things that you have been wanting to do! There is no better time to step into your adventurous inner child and just have some good old fun reminding us to not take things too seriously either… (We all know that can be difficult at times!)


Your authentic self-expression gets a super boost under the influence of the 3 as well easing the way for all kinds of communication! Take the time to express that which emanates from the core of your creative being – you can do this through journaling, poetry, art, or simply even just by having the loving, deep and open conversations with the ones we love around the fire!


This month is going to be filled with good moments, so make sure you enjoy them!


Happy May Lovelies!

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