Soul Astrology Report for May

May Astrology Forecast:


As of last month, Eclipse season as well as Mercury Retrograde began bringing with it tiredness, confusion & a deep sense of wonder. However this month will bring with it a moment to center ourselves & re calibrate and you will start to feel the vibe change! It is only until mid-month that you will start to feel the energies of rebirth, optimism and abundance so hold on till then lovelies!


First up, on May 5th we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio shining light on ideas & preconceived notions that no longer serve us! With us being exposed to the energy and shadow of Scorpio, we will start to release the toxic ways of relating to ourselves & others as well as the ingrained need to live in survival mode… This month is a reminder to “alchemize our pain into power and our fear into mastery.”


Uranus, the planet known as the eternal liberator soars the sky during this eclipse and shows us that whatever has left our lives at this point was holding us back and preventing our evolution. This is a time to focus your energy on the spirit of renewal and liberation as we dance with Uranus during this pivotal times.


On May 16th, just 10 days after the Eclipse, Jupiter enters Taurus which is great news for so many reasons! We will automatically feel that we are coming out of a dark night of the soul which is something we have all been experiencing collectively. This transition brings with it the promise of more wealth & abundance as it helps us ground and adopt a slow & steady approach to all of our goals, personal or career.


Next on May 20th, Mars enters Leo bringing with it a burning desire of ambition to set out to achieve things! Channel this energy well and be mindful of it as it could create overwhelm if not channeled properly. So tread lightly my dear ones!


Aaaand, lastly! The sun leaves Taurus and enters Intellectual Gemini on May 21st bringing with it the winds of change! During its transition, the sun will create some helpful planetary alliances which will open our minds and possibly test our resilience. This will be especially noticeable on May 28th as it clashed with Saturn in Pisces. This is a great time to show the Master Planet Teacher that to achieve your goals you are prepared to think outside of the box and adapt new perspectives where necessary!


Blessings for May lovelies!


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