The Meaning of the Flower of Life symbol

The Flower of Life symbol is a popular symbol in the New Age Movement. But do you know what it means?

The full symbol contains 19 overlapping circles in perfect proportion, creating a sacred geometry pattern, and it represents the interconnectedness of life and all beings within it, emanating from one singular life source, the circle in the centre.

Some variations to this symbol are the Seed of Life, with only the 7 circles in the centre; the Fruit of Life, with 13 selected circles creating a 6 armed star, and the Egg of Life, with 7 circles not overlapping, representing an embryo.

Depictions of this symbol date as far back as Egyptian times some 6000 years ago, and it has been used by many religions, and depictions of it are found all over the world. Christianity sees the seed of life as the 7 days of creation, and Judaism / Kabbalah sees the Tree of Life, representing the 10 spiritual symbols called the 10 Sephiroth, to be derived from/contained within the Flower of Life. Pagans believe it is sacred and depicts the fundamental forms of space and time. Metatron’s Cube, used by alchemists, is also believed to be derived from the Flower of Life.

Whatever belief system attracts you, even if it is just to ponder on the beauty of this symbol, I’m sure you can benefit from using this Flower of Life symbol in your meditation practices or to assist you on your path to enlightenment.

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