The Meaning of the Symbol Metatron’s Cube – 21 April 2020

Another fascinating symbol and the basis of sacred geometry is Metatron’s Cube. As the word meta means ‘showing an explicit awareness of oneself/itself’ and tron means ‘instrument or device’, you can see, as the name suggests, that it is an instrument to show awareness of oneself, and as such it becomes a metaphor for understanding the known universe.

It is derived by taking the 13 linked circles of the Fruit of Life symbol (see our previous post on the Tree of Life) and joining the centers of all the circles, which gives you 78 straight lines. Within the symbol are two 3 dimensional cubes (hexahedrons), one larger and one smaller, and to infinity within and without. Coincidentally 78 divided by 13 = 6, and there are 6 larger and 6 smaller circles on either side of the middle line and in numerology, the number six represents balance and harmony. The circles also represent the feminine and the straight lines the masculine, and so again it is harmonious.

We also find within the symbol the 5 Platonic Solids, which, according to the Greek philosopher Plato after whom they are named, link the physical building blocks on earth with the spirit world. They also represent all the polygons that can be made from the same shape as all their faces. The Greeks then further assigned the 5 elements to each of these 5 Platonic Solids.

As you can see, this symbol becomes a blueprint for the creation of the universe and unlocks the keys to understanding the universe. This connects to explanations of deeper truths about the world and the three dimensionality of space, for example the sphere is like a soul within the 3 dimensional body of the cube. From it also stems a vast array of other sacred geometric patterns, and within it the discovery of personal transformation. METATRONS

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