The basic alchemical symbol for Water is a downward triangle, and it is the opposite of the Fire symbol. The downward triangle has been used as a symbol to represent women/females/the feminine, so it is no surprise then that this element is considered feminine. Its main characteristic is intuition, and it is associated with the chemical element of Mercury. Greek philosopher Plato gave it the properties of cold and moist/wetness. Water combined with the alchemical Fire symbol, comprises the Seal of Solomon/hexagon. Fire and water are the purest of the four elements.

Water corresponds to the direction of West, and the season it correlates to is Autumn. The colour that is associated with Water is obviously blue. In astrology the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Like Air, it has cleansing powers, and is life-giving, but at the same time can be destructive. It is attributed to death as well as rebirth. Stagnant or polluted water is symbolic of bad health, while clean or fresh water represents life and good health.

Water symbolizes healing, flowing, fluidity, change, strength, intuition, stability, dreaming, fertility, receiving, devotion, purification, regeneration and unconditional love.

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