Soul crystal of the month – Black Onyx

Black Onyx – is filled with powerful vibrations bringing strength & willpower to the wearer. It’s potent energy creates a protective shield around the wearer & activates certain chakras within the body that bring strength, creative focus & a grounded sense of willpower…

This dark & dreamy crystal has long been believed by Gods & Goddesses such as Cleopatra to protect against negative energies serving us since the ancient times. Not only does this crystal serve us in a form of energetic protection, but it can also absorb & transmute negativity, a very useful crystal to have indeed…


Black Onyx is a root chakra stone as it brings a glorifying & grounding energy to connect us with the Earth beneath us.


Being full of grounded energy, this crystal is medicine for the nervous system as it stabilizes us on deep levels filling us with a sense of peace and in turn supporting our immunity & all our complex systems. It is particularly useful when the colder seasons approach or when you have those stressful deadlines to meet as it aids us with recovery, mentally, physically & spiritually whilst providing balance to tackle those tasks with a touch of creativity!


There is no doubt that Black Onyx is here to soothe, ground, protect & heal providing all aspects of your being with a stronger & deeper sense of vitality. By grounding with this protection amulet of a crystal we are also able to activate our roots which increase our sense of security, self-confidence & self-control. With Onyx supporting us energetically to Master the self & deepen our roots, we can make wiser decisions & stand in our authenticity. – “Your Authenticity is your superpower.”

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