Soul Crystal of the Month – Emerald

Our Crystal for the month of May is Emerald – a beautiful green Crystal with heart-opening abilities. This stone, filled with vibrance & pure unconditional love is known for its renewal, regeneration & recovery and interestingly enough shares the ruling planet Mercury which is the planet of intelligence & wisdom.


Emerald can bring its regenerating rays to all parts of the body. It can help soothe headaches, allergies, and all manner of skin rashes and ailments. It can also strengthen the eyes, sharpen memory, and help to temper gastric issues too. With its rejuvenating energy, it is also said to have the power to freshen up tired organs. From the liver to the beautiful beat of your heart, Emerald brings strength and power to all parts of the body.


In terms of mental & emotional healing, Emerald brings it unconditional love and healing energy to the energy systems and removes any blockages or build up of dark energies that may be weighing us down. The calming hues actually bring a sense of lightness to your being igniting lighter qualities like play & connection.


Metaphysically, when our heart chakra is out of balance, we make lack love of self & others, compassion and freedom of expression. Emerald balances the heart and cracks it wide open so that the essence of unconditional love may pour from the very center of your being and radiate outwards to your self and the Universe around you. This stone is exceptionally useful as it assists one in tuning into the loving, grounding energies of the heart center giving us a lighter & more compassionate approach to our days!

May the gorgeous energy & green hues of Emerald be with you this month & always!


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